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Eesti esimesed naisnotarid. First Women Notaries in Estonia
This article explores the beginning of the professionalization process of female lawyers in Estonia upon the example of the profession of a notary public. Here, women students were allowed to studyExpand
“Kohtuniku amet on liiga raske neile”: Eesti naisjuristide pürgimisest kohtunikuks kahe maailmasõja vahelisel perioodil [Abstract: “Judge’s work is too hard for them”: aspirations of Estonian female
This article discusses the aspirations of two Estonian female lawyers – Auguste Susi-Tannebaum and Olli Olesk – to become a judge in the 1920s. Estonian women were already allowed to study the fieldExpand
Estonian Papers in Applied Linguistics
Ülevaade. Õigusteadus on oma olemuselt tekstiteadus, milles väga suur tähtsus on keelelistel väljendusvahenditel. Juriidilise jõu saavad sõnad ja väljendid siin vahetult keele kaudu. KäesolevaExpand
Heikki ES Mattila, Comparative Legal Linguistics: Language of Law, Latin and Modern Lingua Francas
Law is a science in which linguistic means of expression have a particularly significant impact. It works through language, as words or expressions acquire juridical power directly through language.Expand
Ars et termini artis. Practical Issues in Application of Latin Legal Terms
The article discusses the accuracy of the form and content of Latin legal terms. Law is a field where linguistic means of expression are of utmost importance. This discipline operates directlyExpand
Latin Legal Terminology in Estonia
W artykule zostal poruszony problem uzywania laciny the authors wspolczesnych tekstach prawnych i prawniczych oraz wplywu tego jezyka na terminologie, kontekst w jakim są one uzyWane oraz glowne problemy i bledy. Expand