Meriem Rezgaoui

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The neuropeptide head activator (HA) is a mitogen for mammalian cell lines of neuronal or neuroendocrine origin. HA signalling is mediated by a G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). Orphan GPCRs with homology to peptide receptors were screened for HA interaction. Electrophysiological recordings in frog oocytes and in mammalian cell lines as well as Ca(2+)(More)
We report the identification of a fourth member of the VPS10 domain containing receptor family, SorCS2, highly expressed in the developing and mature murine central nervous system. During early central nervous system development its main site of expression is the floor plate. In addition, high transcript levels were detected transiently in a variety of(More)
The two human proteins with a VPS10 domain, SorLA and sortilin, both bind neuropeptides. Searching for other VPS10-domain proteins in the database revealed three new putative human neuropeptide receptors. The new receptors were designated SorCS1, SorCS2 and SorCS3, due to their identical domain composition, which, except for the N-terminal VPS10 domain,(More)
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