Meriem Ouederni

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Adaptation is of utmost importance in systems developed by assembling reusable software services accessed through their public interfaces. This process aims at solving, as automatically as possible, mismatch cases which may be given at the different interoperability levels among interfaces by synthesizing a mediating adaptor. In this paper, we present a(More)
Message-based communication is an increasingly common interaction mechanism used in concurrent and distributed systems where components interact with each other by sending and receiving messages. It is well-known that verification of systems that use asynchronous message-based communication with unbounded FIFO queues is undecidable even when the component(More)
Adaptation is a crucial issue when building new applications by reusing existing software services which were not initially designed to interoperate with each other. Adaptation contracts describe composition constraints and adaptation requirements among these services. The writing of this specification by a designer is a difficult and error-prone task,(More)
Compatibility is a crucial problem that is encountered while constructing new software by reusing and composing existing components. A set of software components is called compatible if their composition preserves certain properties, such as deadlock freedom. However, checking compatibility for systems communicating asynchronously is an undecidable problem,(More)
Composition of components or services is a crucial issue in Software Engineering. However, direct reuse and composition of existing services is in most of cases impossible because their interfaces present some incompatibilities. Here, we assume service interfaces described using signatures and protocols. Protocols are essential because, even if services(More)
Many of today’s software systems are built using distributed services, which evolve in different organizations. In order to facilitate their integration, it is necessary to provide a contract that the services participating in a composition should adhere to. A contract specifies interactions among a set of services from a global point of view. One important(More)
Checking compatibility of services accessed through their behavioural interfaces is a crucial issue in Service Oriented Computing which aims at building new systems from existing software services. In this paper, we consider a model of services which takes value passing and non-observable actions into account. We propose an approach to check in a unified(More)
Service-Oriented Computing promotes the development of new systems from existing services which are usually accessed through their public interfaces. In this context, interfaces must be compatible in order to avoid interoperability issues. In this article, we propose a new framework for checking the compatibility of n service interfaces. Our framework is(More)
In service-based systems, service evolution might raise critical communication issues since the client cannot be aware of the changes that have occurred on the black-box services side. In this paper, we propose an automated process to adapt the client to the changes that have occurred. Our approach relies on a compatibility measuring method, and changes the(More)