Meriem Hnida

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The notion of competence and learner model is the kernel of the Competency-Based Approach (CBA). However, as of today there is not a commonly learner model or ontology for competencies, we have presented in this paper our ontology-based representation in order to define the CBA. This representation provides a baseline for an e-learning adaptive system in(More)
Adaptive Teaching Learning Sequence requires the organization and sequencing of content in a way that conveys its structure to learner. It should be learner-centered more flexible and helps students achieve a standard of performance. In this paper, two issues are addressed: curriculum design and curriculum sequencing. The first aims to design a curriculum(More)
In this paper, an evolutionary algorithm is applied to tackle Intelligent Curriculum Sequencing issue. The purpose is to align educational technology, for instance, curriculum sequence to: students' characteristics and subject-matter coherence. The algorithm considers both technical and pedagogical point of view. Results show that the proposed Evolutionary(More)
This paper aims to present an online placement test. It is based on the Item Response Theory to provide relevant estimates of learner competences. The proposed test is the entry point of our eLearning system. It gathers the learner response to a set of questions and uses a specific developed algorithm to estimate its level. This algorithm identifies(More)
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