Meriem Fourati

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We aimed to study the correlation between leukocyte counts in semen and bacterial pathogens in seminal samples of infertile men, and to establish the minimum leukocyte count associated with significant bacteriospermia. A total of 116 patients who underwent evaluation of fertility were investigated using routine semen analysis according to the guidelines of(More)
A series of 80 inguinal pedicle flaps was studied. These flaps were performed at the Aziza Othmana hospital in Tunis for various indications, predominantly for traumatic skin defects of the hand and sequelae of burns. This study evaluated the quality of this auto-plasty, its vascular reliability, its simplicity and the large area of skin cover available.
Pituitary metastasis and sarcoidosis are two causes of pituitary stalk thickening. Their association has been described ago three decades. In this setting, we report a case of panhypopituitarism revealing pituitary metastasis from a small-cell lung carcinoma associated with sarcoidosis. A 49 year-old smoking patient with type 2 diabetes was admitted for(More)
INTRODUCTION Pemphigoid gestationis is a bullous autoimmune sub-epidermal dermatosis, occurring during pregnancy and/or postpartum. The objective of our study was to define the epidemio-clinical profile, the histopathological and immunopathological features, the treatment and the course of pemphigoid gestationis in Tunisian patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
A series of 400 patellar fractures has been reviewed with a follow-up of three to 12 years. The continuity of the extensor apparatus had been interrupted in 73 per cent of cases and in 21 per cent the fracture was compound. The best results were obtained by conservative treatment with plaster, patellar suture or partial patellectomy. Total patellectomy, in(More)
INTRODUCTION Addison's disease is a primary global deficiency in adrenocortical hormones resulting from the progressive total destruction of the adrenal glands. CASE A 15-year-old girl consulted after four months of pigmentation on sun-exposed areas, with photosensitivity. She reported no weakness, no decline in her general status, and no menstrual(More)