Meriem Bensouyad

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This paper examines the graph coloring problem. A graph strict strong coloring algorithm has been proposed for trees in Haddad and Kheddouci (2009). In this paper, the authors propose a new heuristic based algorithm for general graphs named GGSSCA (for Generalized Graph Strict Strong Coloring Algorithm). The authors show that the complexity of this(More)
A very promising approach for combinatorial optimization is evolutionary algorithms. As an application, this paper deals with the strict strong graph coloring problem defined by Haddad and Kheddouci (2009) where the authors have proposed an exact polynomial time algorithm for trees. The aim of this paper is to introduce a new evolutionary algorithm for(More)
Flower pollination algorithm is a recent nature inspired algorithm for continuous optimization problems. This algorithm is inspired by the pollination process of flowers. In this paper, we introduce for the first time a hybrid discrete version of the algorithm to deal with the graph coloring problem. The proposed algorithm uses swap and inversion strategies(More)
We consider the state space explosion problem which is a fundamental obstacle in formal verification of critical systems. In this paper, we propose a fast algorithm for distributing state spaces on a network of workstations. Our solution is an improvement version of SSCGDA algorithm (for Strict Strong Coloring based Graph Distribution Algorithm) which(More)
This paper addresses a recent combinatorial optimization problem called the Strict Strong graph coloring. This new coloring parameter investigates the use of dominance relation between graph vertices and color classes. This kind of coloring has been defined by Haddad and Kheddouci. It consists in properly coloring the graph in a way each vertex dominates at(More)
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