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Geophysical investigations of the Seferihisar geothermal area, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Abstract Self-potential (SP), magnetic and very low frequency electromagnetic (EM-VLF) surveys were carried out in the Seferihisar geothermal area to identify major and minor fault zones andExpand
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Application of electrical resistivity tomography technique for investigation of landslides: a case from Turkey
Electrical resistivity imaging is a widely used tool in near surface geophysical surveys for investigation of various geological, environmental and engineering problems including landslide. In thisExpand
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Electrical resistivity tomography investigations on a paleoseismological trenching study
Abstract Two-dimensional electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) investigation was performed in a paleoseismological trenching study. Data acquisition strategies such as the selection of electrodeExpand
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Magnetic imaging and electrical resistivity tomography studies in a Roman military installation found in Satala archaeological site, northeastern Anatolia, Turkey
Abstract Satala is one of the last great military centers in the Roman East available for archaeological and historical investigations. This archaeological site is situated on the crossing of twoExpand
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Electrical Resistivity Tomography Investigations of Multilayered Archaeological Settlements: Part II – A Case from Old Smyrna Höyük, Turkey
To determine the data acquisition and inversion capabilities of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), which is used in multilayered archaeological settlements, an ERT survey was carried out at theExpand
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Electrical Resistivity Tomography Investigations of MultiLayered Archaeological Settlements: Part I – Modelling
In archaeology, multilayered settlements (hoyuk, tell, tepe) are among the most important sites for investigation and excavation. This type of site is a subcircular, nucleated settlement composed ofExpand
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Magnetic and electrical resistivity tomography investigations in a Roman legionary camp site (Legio IV Scythica) in Zeugma, Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey
Magnetic and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) surveys were carried out in the area of a Roman military installation located near the Zeugma archaeological site in southeastern Turkey. MagneticExpand
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Integrated geophysical surveys for the subsurface mapping of buried structures under and surrounding of the Agios Voukolos Church in İzmir, Turkey
Abstract This work presents the results of the integrated usage of geophysics in the Agios Voukolos Church, one of the unique Orthodox constructions in Izmir. The surveys had two main objectives: toExpand
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Mapping aquifer geometry using electrical resistivity tomography: a case study from Şanlıurfa, south-eastern Turkey
A shallow aquifer system was investigated with 2D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) to determine the hydrogeological setting of the Balikli Lake region, Şanliurfa, Turkey. Many spring watersExpand
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Optimum Electrical Resistivity Tomography (OERT) approach using combination of different arrays in archaeological investigations
In this study, the optimum electrical resistivity tomography (OERT) concept was analyzed by combining different electrode arrays in terms of sensitivity in archaeological cases. More than a hundredExpand
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