Mereze Lawson

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Despite a variety of screening strategies and recent trends showing death rate stabilization, colorectal cancer still remains the second leading cause of overall cancer death. Current screening tools suffer from performance limitations, low patient acceptability, and marginal reliable access within the health care system. Noninvasive strategies present the(More)
Polyphenol prevention of iron-mediated DNA damage occurs primarily through iron binding. Once bound, iron in the Fe(2+)-polyphenol complex autooxidizes to Fe(3+) in the presence of O(2). To determine the correlation between the rate of Fe(2+)-polyphenol autooxidation and polyphenol antioxidant ability, kinetic studies at pH = 6.0 in the presence of oxygen(More)
1. Experiments were designed to determine whether composting could be a safe and effective method for the disposal of poultry carcases in the UK climate. Laying hen carcases (125) were composted in a wooden compost bin over autumn and winter months, using the United States Department of Agriculture method. 2. The process took 8 weeks and effectively(More)
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