Merel J J Verhagen

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BACKGROUND An overview of 30 years of pancreas transplantation at a high volume center. Analysis of patient survival- and graft survival-associated risk factors. METHODS All pancreas transplantations performed in our center from January 1, 1984, till December 31, 2012, were evaluated. Covariates influencing pancreas graft survival were analyzed using both(More)
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis is a rare cause of stroke, which is routinely treated with systemic heparin. Unfavourable outcome is often seen in severe cases. Therefore alternative treatment methods should be explored in these patients. Due to the risk of haemorrhagic complications, treatment without administration of thrombolytics is of particular(More)
OBJECTIVE In 2008, the preprocurement pancreas suitability score (P-PASS) was introduced within Eurotransplant to predict suitability of pancreas donors. A P-PASS of 17 or higher would have lower graft survival compared with pancreatic grafts from donors with a P-PASS lower than 17. In 2010, a continuous model, the pancreas donor risk index (PDRI), was(More)
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