Meredyth Goldberg Edelson

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OBJECTIVE One symptom common to many persons with autism is a high arousal or anxiety level. This study investigated the effects of deep pressure on arousal and anxiety reduction in autism with Grandin's Hug Machine, a device that allows self-administration of lateral body pressure. METHOD Twelve children with autism were randomly assigned to either an(More)
The present study sought to examine the court culture of three Oregon counties and their timelines for resolving felony child sexual abuse cases. Specifically, we examined (a) case outcomes, churning (i.e., the extent to which four court events were rescheduled), the length of time to reach a criminal case resolution, and how this length of time compared to(More)
Fifty children who were seen at a Child Abuse Assessment Center (CAAC) were matched on age and relationship to perpetrator with 51 children not evaluated at a CAAC to determine whether the groups differed in legal outcomes in cases of sexual abuse. CAAC children were significantly more likely to have cases filed rather than no-actioned, to have more overall(More)
Cases of child sexual abuse (CSA) referred to the District Attorney (DA) are not necessarily accepted for prosecution. Two pilot studies sought to investigate whether there were gender differences in whether cases of CSA referred to the DA's office were accepted by the DA and, if they existed, what might account for gender differences in decisions to accept(More)
The goal of the present study was to determine whether or not there were sex differences in legal outcomes for children who were sexually abused. Using the methodology of Joa and Edelson (2004), the results indicated that males who were sexually abused had poorer legal outcomes than females. Specifically, it was found that cases involving male victims were(More)
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