Meredith Neilson

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In order to examine the relationship between gephyrin (the peripheral membrane protein associated with glycine receptors) and glycinergic boutons, we have carried out a post-embedding immunogold study of glycine-like immunoreactivity on sections of rat lumbar spinal cord which had previously been reacted with monoclonal antibody to gephyrin. In all three(More)
In animal models of human diffuse axonal injury, axonal swellings leading to secondary axotomy occur between 2 and 6 h after injury. But, analysis of cytoskeletal changes associated with secondary axotomy has not been undertaken. We have carried out a quantitative analysis of cytoskeletal changes in a model of diffuse axonal injury 4 h after stretch-injury(More)
Patterns of co-localization of serotonin with glutamate decarboxylase (the synthetic enzyme for GABA) or each one of eight neuropeptides (calcitonin gene-related peptide, dynorphin, enkephalin, galanin, neuropeptide Y, neurotensin, substance P and somatostatin) were investigated with dual-colour confocal laser scanning microscopy in the lumbar spinal cords(More)
In order to determine whether glutamate is enriched in neurotensin-containing axons in the superficial dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord, we have carried out preembedding immunocytochemistry with an antiserum to neurotensin and then used a postembedding immunogold method with antiserum to glutamate. The immunogold label (corresponding to glutamate-like(More)
The research of the Active Plasma Systems Group is concerned with the dynamics of highly ionized plasmas and charged-particle beams, with particular emphasis on the understanding and exploitation of wave interactions in plasmas. Some of the major areas are listed below. The basic mechanisms of plasma generation and heating, using cylindrical(More)
The August/September edition of The Chronicle focuses on the community of Wadeye. The Chronicle examines the new Thamarrurr Council, staffing issues at Wadeye Health Clinic, Thamarrurr Rangers activities, Youth Development at Wadeye, and Wadeye Women doing it for themselves. See page 4 for details on these stories and more! G r a h a m O pi e, E x ec ut i v(More)
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