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Quantified tree carbon storage can give a better understanding of how urban forests offset carbon emissions to contribute to climate change mitigation. An evaluation of methods available for quantifying urban tree carbon storage in New Zealand (NZ) was completed, with a sample of 57 trees of six native species. Carbon outputs from four NZ derived allometric(More)
Huntington′s disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative genetic condition for which a predictive genetic test by mutation analysis has been available since 1993. However, whilst revealing the future presence of the disease, testing may have an adverse psychological impact given that the disease is progressive, incurable and ultimately fatal. This review seeks to(More)
International health service research reveals a uniform tendency in practically all in-dustrialised countries: an increasing shift of costs from solidarity-based financing to private households. Legislators and advisors usually justify this policy through the need to encourage cost-consciousness and especially " individual responsibility ". Economists(More)
This paper presents a comparison study of two Traffic Engineering (TE) methods in an autonomous system (AS). These two methods are novel compared to the existing methods for they are able to provide TE solutions in order of seconds. One could always argue that better solutions can always be found given more time. However, the emphasis here is both methods(More)
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