Meredith Hill

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PURPOSE Considerable pilot data and clinical experience suggested that an aloe vera gel might help to prevent radiation therapy-induced dermatitis. METHODS AND MATERIALS Two Phase III randomized trials were conducted. The first one was double blinded, utilized a placebo gel, and involved 194 women receiving breast or chest wall irradiation. The second(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE A new generation of designer stimulants marketed as "bath salts" emerged in late 2010. The goal is to describe the epidemiologic emergence of designer stimulants in 9 states in the Midwest. METHODS A retrospective review of the National Poison Data System was performed between November 1, 2010, and November 30, 2011. Inclusion criteria(More)
Children and adolescents with severe asthma frequently experience anxiety or depression with anxiety, which can undermine their response to treatment. In addition, these patients often receive theophylline and a variety of adrenergic stimulants, which can exacerbate or worsen anxiety. Such children occasionally are candidates for treatment with anxiolytic(More)
The daily use of toothpaste offers the opportunity for additional therapeutic benefits beyond caries control. The dental professional must be prepared to assist patients in making informed choices about these products to maximize their benefits as a supplement to mechanical oral hygiene. Dentifrices containing chemotherapeutic agents that are successful in(More)
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