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This research discusses preliminary efforts to expand the coverage of the PropBank lexicon to multi-word and idiomatic expressions, such as take one for the team. Given overwhelming numbers of such expressions, an efficient way for increasing coverage is needed. This research discusses an approach to adding multi-word expressions to the PropBank lexicon in(More)
1 Introduction IP-based networks such as the Internet have been the focal point for innovative technologies, services, and applications. These networks have enabled hugely successful services like the World Wide Web, and they are even attracting traditional services such as telephony. The service model for accessing Web content offers tremendous control and(More)
PRISM is an architecture for distributing, storing, and delivering high quality streaming content over IP networks. In this paper we present the design of the PRISM architecture and show how it can support an enhanced set of streaming services. In particular, PRISM supports the distribution and delivery of live television content over IP, as well as the(More)
We present the first corpus annotated with preposition supersenses, unlexical-ized categories for semantic functions that can be marked by English prepositions (Schneider et al., 2015). That scheme improves upon its predecessors to better facilitate comprehensive manual annotation. Moreover, unlike the previous schemes, the preposition supersenses are(More)
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