Meredith Eubank

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Previous research work on the ergogenic effects of music has mainly involved constant power tests to exhaustion as dependent variables. Time trials are more externally valid than constant power tests, may be more reliable and allow the distribution of self-selected work-rate to be explored. We examined whether music improved starting, finishing and/or(More)
Given the requirement of professional jockeys to make-weight daily, we tested the hypothesis that Flat and National Hunt (Jump) jockeys would display compromised health markers (bone health, vitamin D, liver and kidney function and mood) compared with established clinical norms, with Flat jockeys affected the greater. Daily energy intake was lower in Flat(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of music introduced and removed during a 10-km cycling time trial with reference to Rejeski's parallel processing theory and Karageorghis, Terry and Lane's conceptual framework for the prediction of responses to asynchronous music during sub-maximal exercise. A range of performance variables, ratings of(More)
Painting tractors yellow at Caterpillar demands the use of a significant number of filters. When these filters are spent, the paint continues to cure in an exothermic process, which may result in spontaneous combustion and a dangerous filter fire. We at Caterpillar hypothesized that a filter made from starch could be dissolved in water, solving two(More)
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