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This paper motivates the use of Information Extraction (IE) for gathering data on protein interactions, describes the customization of an existing IE system, SRI's Highlight, for this task and presents the results of an experiment on unseen Medline abstracts which show that customization to a new domain can be fast, reliable and cost-effective.
Previous research (Byrne, 1984) showed that adults who learned to read an orthography representing phonetic features (voicing, place of articulation) did not readily obtain usable knowledge of the mapping of phonetic features onto orthographic elements, as evidenced by failure to generalize to partially new stimuli. The present Experiment 1 used a different(More)
Two paragraph structures, linear orderings (Potts, 1972) and set inclusions (Frase, 1969), were equated on relevant independent variables to examine recognition memory for relationships between pairs of terms. Experiment 1 replicated Potts' findings: Proportion correct was greater on remote than on adjacent linear pairs. For set pairs, however, there was an(More)
Human task performance is affected by exposure to physiological and psychological stress. The ability to measure the physiological response to stressors and correlate that to task performance could be used to identify resilient individuals or those at risk for stress-related performance decrements. Accomplishing this prior to performance under severe stress(More)