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In recent years, several inhibitors that prevent caspase activation and apoptosis have emerged. At high doses, however, these inhibitors can have nonspecific effects and/or become cytotoxic. In this study, we determined the effectiveness of broad spectrum caspase inhibitors to prevent apoptosis. A carboxy terminal phenoxy group conjugated to the amino acids(More)
During embryogenesis, multiple developmental processes are integrated through their precise temporal regulation. Hes1 is a transcriptional repressor that regulates the timing of mammalian retinal neurogenesis. However, roles for Hes1 in early eye development have not been well defined. Here, we show that Hes1 is expressed in the forming lens, optic vesicle,(More)
Trophoblasts provide a model to investigate fundamental mechanisms of stem cell differentiation, but the availability of trophoblast stem cell lines is limited. Here we report the development of an RT-PCR-based lineage-specific profile as a method to identify the lineages of placental trophoblast cells routinely and specifically. This profiling method was(More)
The mammalian placenta consists of different trophoblast cell types that assist in the variety of functions required for the maintenance of pregnancy. In rodents, labyrinthine trophoblasts of the placenta are especially important, because they are capable of differentiating into fused labyrinthine cells, which form the feto-maternal exchange surface. Even(More)
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