Mercy paul Selvan

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Searching becomes a normal behavior of our life. Billions of users communicate with search engines daily. They are checking links of results, click on the ads, spend time on pages to restructure their queries and perform other actions. These interactions may concern some of the valuable source of information for tuning the content. There are massive web(More)
Ranking web pages are generally based on in links and out links of a particular web page which may be exploited just to gain attention. Once weightage is calculated based on structural mining, the same may be excluded from the web page. Thus this approach is not trust worthy while calculating page importance for ranking. Research has been deviated from this(More)
This paper is focused on computing importance of a web page in an efficient way. Web page ranking is an essential factor in web search. Many modules and algorithms have been proposed using different resources with different assumptions. The algorithms proposed include Page Rank, Browse Rank, Browse Rank Plus, HITS and many more. Page Rank focuses on ranking(More)
With the high usage of internet today, people started sharing much of the information with each other online. In this paper, we propose to monitor user activity for any hazardous behavior like terrorism on Gmail and Twitter. We apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques like POS tagging, Chunking, Stemming, and WordNet Processing to extract the(More)
Demand Response is a promising technique that could be implemented effectively on the foundation laid by Smart Grid. Decentralization of power generation with the advent of renewable power sources will benefit the user as well as the central network along with reduction in dependence on conventional sources of energy. Energy management at the consumer end(More)
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