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Substantial numbers of smallholder co-operatives in Africa fail each year due to their inability to be self-sustaining. Liberalization of Mali‘s cereal sector in the 1990s resulted in transition from a cereal deficit to self-sufficiency. However, problems like credit, poor marketing and low prices hindered real development of the sub-sector. In 1997, the(More)
Two varieties of tomato fruits commonly available in Nigerian markets are the Roma VF and Ibadan local varieties of tomato fruits. The Roma VF fruits are oval in shape. It is a common type of cultivar in the Northern region of Nigeria and it is not susceptible to cracking. The Ibadan local variety of tomato fruits is a local variety commonly found on(More)
Fractures of the mandible are relatively less frequent in children when compared to adults. The anatomic features of children are protected. Children have a higher adaptation to maxillofacial fractures compared to adults. Treatment principles of mandibular fractures in children differ from that of adults due to concerns regarding mandibular growth and the(More)
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