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During 1995-1997, an outbreak of 66 cases of gonorrhea caused by an erythromycin-resistant (Ery(r); MIC >/=1.0 microgram/mL) prototrophic (proto) auxotype IB-1 serovar of Neisseria gonorrhoeae occurred in King County, Washington; 65 cases involved men who have sex with men (MSM), which accounted for approximately 37% of infections among MSM during this(More)
Although chronic use of opiates can induce physical dependence and addiction, individual differences contributing to these symptoms are largely unknown. Using intravenous morphine self-administration (MSA), we investigated whether individual differences in drug intake are associated with weight change, acoustic startle reflex (ASR), pre-pulse inhibition(More)
Patients and gonococcal isolates (n = 783) from five sexually transmitted disease clinics in Ohio and western Pennsylvania were studied to investigate the spread of gonococci with decreased fluoroquinolone susceptibility. Among patients with gonorrhea, rates of infection with strains with decreased fluoroquinolone susceptibility (MIC of 0.125-0.25 microg(More)
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