Mercedes Vergara Gómez

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OBJECTIVE To develop and validate a non-invasive index to predict the presence of cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C on the basis of clinical, laboratory, and ultrasound findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data from the complete history and physical examination, serologic studies, liver ultrasound, and liver biopsy of patients with chronic(More)
We present UBVRI photometry of 44 type-Ia supernovae (SN Ia) observed from 1997 to 2001 as part of a continuing monitoring campaign at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The data set comprises 2190 observations and is the largest homogeneously observed and reduced sample of SN Ia to date, nearly(More)
We describe a near-infrared imaging survey of Globule 2 in the Coalsack. This Bok globule is the highest density region of this southern hemisphere molecular cloud and is the most likely location for young stars in this complex. The survey is complete for K < 14.0, H < 14.5, and J < 15.5, several magnitudes more sensitive than previous observations of this(More)
We present optical spectra of eight candidate brown dwarfs and a previously known T Tauri star (Sz 33) of the Chamaeleon I dark cloud. We derived spectral types based on the strength of the TiO or VO absorption bands present in the spectra of these objects as well as on the PC3 index of Martín et al. (1999). Photometric data from the literature are used to(More)
The Expert Patients Program (EPP), an educational intervention for chronic diseases aimed at nonprofessionals, has high nonparticipation and dropout rates. We used quantitative and qualitative methods to identify the prevalence of and reasons for nonparticipation in 100 patients with acute myocardial infarction and 69 with stroke. We confirmed a high(More)
2013 Abstracts "Engaging in research creates new and exciting learning opportunities beyond the classroom for our undergraduate students. Research is about finding answers, and as students are learning, they also are creating new knowledge. These enriched problem-solving experiences will better prepare them to compete in the global society. The enthusiasm(More)
We present 0.95–2.5 µm moderate (R ∼ 500) resolution spectra of 19 ISOCAM detected sources in the Chamaeleon I dark cloud. Thirteen of these stars are candidate very low mass members of the cloud proposed by Persi et al. (2000) on basis of the mid-IR color excess. The sample also includes a bona-fide young brown dwarf (Cha Hα 1), a transition(More)
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