Mercedes V. del Pozo

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Two of the largest crude oil-polluted areas in the world are the semi-enclosed Mediterranean and Red Seas, but the effect of chronic pollution remains incompletely understood on a large scale. We compared the influence of environmental and geographical constraints and anthropogenic forces (hydrocarbon input) on bacterial communities in eight geographically(More)
BACKGROUND A complete saccharification of plant polymers is the critical step in the efficient production of bio-alcohols. Beta-glucosidases acting in the degradation of intermediate gluco-oligosaccharides produced by cellulases limit the yield of the final product. RESULTS In the present work, we have identified and then successfully cloned, expressed,(More)
Microbial metabolism in aromatic-contaminated environments has important ecological implications, and obtaining a complete understanding of this process remains a relevant goal. To understand the roles of biodiversity and aromatic-mediated genetic and metabolic rearrangements, we conducted 'OMIC' investigations in an anthropogenically influenced and(More)
Metagenomics has opened up a vast pool of genes for putative, yet uncharacterized, enzymes. It widens our knowledge on the enzyme diversity world and discloses new families for which a clear classification is still needed, as is exemplified by glycoside hydrolase family-3 (GH3) proteins. Herein, we describe a GH3 enzyme (GlyA1) from resident microbial(More)
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