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Applications of 1-alkenyl-1,1-heterobimetallics in the stereoselective synthesis of cyclopropylboronate esters, trisubstituted cyclopropanols and 2,3-disubstituted cyclobutanones.
1-Alkenyl-1,1-heterobimetallics are potentially very useful in stereoselective organic synthesis but are relatively unexplored, so a practical application in the synthesis of versatile cyclopropyl alcohol boronate esters, which are valuable building blocks is introduced.
An approach to the stereoselective synthesis of enantiopure dihydropyrroles and aziridines from a common sulfinyl-sulfinamide intermediate.
The diastereoselective addition of lithiated vinyl sulfoxides to enantiopure sulfinimines provides direct access to a wide assortment of allylic sulfinamides in good yields and excellent
Highly diastereoselective addition of lithio vinyl sulfoxides to N-sulfinimines: an entry to enantiopure 3-sulfinyl-2,5-cis-dihydropyrroles.
The addition of enantiopure alpha-metalated vinyl and dienyl sulfoxides to enantiomerically pure N-sulfinimines takes place with high diastereoselectivity primarily directed by the N-dihydropyrroles by reaction with electrophiles.
Enantiopure 1,4-diols and 1,4-aminoalcohols via stereoselective acyclic sulfoxide-sulfenate rearrangement.
This one-pot procedure entails a conjugate addition that triggers a diastereoselective sulfoxide-sulfenate [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement that affords enantiopure 1, 4-diol or 1,4-hydroxysulfonamide derivatives in good yields and diastEREoselectivities.
Reductive cleavage of tetrahydrofuryl sulfur-substituted oxiranes: application to the formal synthesis of Kumausyne and Kumausallene.
Red reductive cleavage methodology has been applied to short formal syntheses of trans-Kumausyne and Kumausallene and it is shown that oxirane cleavage with MgI2 produces the related ketones, amenable to stereocontrolled reduction.
Synthesis of Enantiopure 3-Hydroxypiperidines from Sulfinyl Dienyl Amines by Diastereoselective Intramolecular Cyclization and [2,3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement.
The highly diastereoselective base-promoted intramolecular cyclization of a variety of enantiopure sulfinyl dienyl amines provides novel sulfinyl tetrahydropyridines that are readily converted to
Sulfinyl-mediated stereoselective functionalization of acyclic conjugated dienes.
The chemo- and stereocontrolled functionalization of conjugated sulfinyl dienes in a cascade process that involves a Michael-type addition, isomerization of a double bond and a [2,3]-sigmatropic