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The isolation of photoheterotrophic organism C3 from a saline microbial mat led to its taxonomic characterization. Strain C3 could be identified as a member of the species Rhodobium marinum due to(More)
Strain BCT-7112(T) was isolated in 1966 in Japan from a survey designed to obtain naturally occurring microorganisms as pure cultures in the laboratory for use as probiotics in animal nutrition. This(More)
Locust bean gum and guar gum are galactomannans used as additives (E 410 and E 412, respectively) in the food industry as stabilizing agents. Analytical discrimination between the two additives in(More)
The application of tandem MALDI-TOF MS screening with 16S rRNA gene sequencing of selected isolates has been demonstrated to be an excellent approach for retrieving novelty from large-scale(More)
The moderately halophilic, cultivable fraction of prokaryotes thriving in hypersaline sediments of a solar saltern in Mallorca, Spain, has been studied by means of different cultivation media. A set(More)