Mercedes Rodriguez

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OBJECTIVE Schizophrenia is a devastating and common psychiatric disorder which is associated with a high degree of medical morbidity and reduced life span in addition to psychosis. In this article, these problems will be discussed in the context of schizophrenia and aging. METHOD The recent literature was reviewed using Pubmed, Medline, and Google scholar(More)
Tbx2 is a member of a large family of transcription factors defined by homology to the T-box DNA-binding domain. Tbx2 plays a key role in embryonic development, and in cancer through its capacity to suppress senescence and promote invasiveness. Despite its importance, little is known of how Tbx2 is regulated or how it achieves target gene specificity. Here(More)
The early diagnosis of congenital Chagas' disease is very important if infected newborns, whether symptomatic or not, are to receive adequate treatment. This paper describes the complications arising in the diagnosis of a newborn with fatal congenital Chagas' disease in Spain, a non-endemic area where visceral leishmaniasis is present.
BACKGROUND Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a highly prevalent allergic disease and also counts among the 10 most frequent reasons for medical consultation. Its impact on quality of life (QoL) and work productivity has been established but comparisons with other diseases are rare in the literature. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of AR in(More)
Teaching future applied statisticians requires the teaching of consultation skills since the student must learn to interact with research workers, learn to abstract the statistical aspects of substantive problems, to provide appropriate technical assistance, and to effectively communicate statistical results. The approach of the Department of Biostatistics(More)
The four primary objectives of this descriptive study were to: 1) design a quality-measurement instrument for institutional cancer registries (ICRs), 2) evaluate the existing ICRs in Colombia with the designed instrument, 3) categorize the different registries according to their quality and prioritize efforts that will efficiently promote better registries(More)
To identify Trichinella antigens suitable for high-specificity and high-sensitivity serodiagnosis of human trichinellosis, we evaluated assays using four antigens: (i) crude first-stage larval extract (CLE), (ii) O-deglycosylated CLE, (iii) tyvelose-bearing antigens (Trichinella spiralis larva group 1 [TSL-1] antigens) purified by US4 affinity(More)
There is a rich debate in the innovation literature about to what extent innovation has become an international (or globalised) phenomenon, or, on the contrary, it maintains its local/regional character. As Koschatzky (2001) notes, given the fact that knowledge is commonly tied to personal capabilities; it has a clear geographical component. In the case of(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the unit costs of administering intravenous (IV) biological agents in day hospitals (DHs) in the Spanish National Health System. PATIENTS AND METHODS Data were obtained from 188 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, collected from nine DHs, receiving one of the following IV therapies: infliximab (n=48), rituximab (n=38), abatacept(More)