Mercedes Rodriguez-Teja

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BACKGROUND Endo180 (CD280; MRC2; uPARAP)-dependent collagen remodelling is dysregulated in primary tumours and bone metastasis. Here, we confirm the release and diagnostic accuracy of soluble Endo180 for diagnosing metastasis in breast cancer (BCa). METHODS Endo180 was quantified in BCa cell conditioned medium and plasma from BCa patients stratified(More)
UNLABELLED Epithelial cell-cell contacts maintain normal glandular tissue homeostasis, and their breakage can trigger epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT), a fundamental step in the development of metastatic cancer. Despite the ability of C-type lectin domains (CTLD) to modulate cell-cell adhesion, it is not known if they modulate epithelial adhesion(More)
The diverse composition and structure of extracellular matrix (ECM) interfaces encountered by tumor cells at secondary tissue sites can influence metastatic progression. Extensive in vitro and in vivo data has confirmed that metastasizing tumor cells can adopt different migratory modes in response to their microenvironment. Here we present a model that uses(More)
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