Mercedes Pardo

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The transcription factor Oct4 is key in embryonic stem cell identity and reprogramming. Insight into its partners should illuminate how the pluripotent state is established and regulated. Here, we identify a considerably expanded set of Oct4-binding proteins in mouse embryonic stem cells. We find that Oct4 associates with a varied set of proteins including(More)
Genetic screens in simple model organisms have identified many of the key components of the conserved signal transduction pathways that are oncogenic when misregulated. Here, we identify H37N21.1 as a gene that regulates vulval induction in let-60(n1046gf), a strain with a gain-of-function mutation in the Caenorhabditis elegans Ras orthologue, and show that(More)
The phagocyte respiratory burst is crucial for innate immunity. The transfer of electrons to oxygen is mediated by a membrane-bound heterodimer, comprising gp91phox and p22phox subunits. Deficiency of either subunit leads to severe immunodeficiency. We describe Eros (essential for reactive oxygen species), a protein encoded by the previously undefined mouse(More)
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