Mercedes Macías

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Candida infections represent a major threat in neonatal intensive care units. This is the first prospective study to obtain caspofungin plasma levels and safety data for neonates and very young infants. Patients of <3 months of age receiving intravenous amphotericin B for documented or highly suspected candidiasis were enrolled in a single-dose (n = 6) or(More)
BACKGROUND This prospective, multicenter study examined the importance of hepatitis viruses as etiological agents of acute liver failure (ALF) and the outcome of ALF cases in Latin American children and adolescents. METHODS The study was conducted for minimum 12 months in 9 centers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico during(More)
Currently, the great majority of content published on the Internet is inaccessible to visually impaired users. Although designers have guidelines that guarantee the accessibility of pages constructed as well as software tools to facilitate this task, it is necessary to consider the user's perspective too, allowing him/her to participate in the restructuring(More)
Resumen. Actualmente, la Web ofrece información disponible para las personas de forma muy heterogénea. Con la iniciativa de la Web semántica se persigue que el contenido de las páginas Web se disponga de forma que permita a personas y ordenadores “comprender” esta información, siguiendo esquemas comunes y consensuados mediante ontologías. Uno de los(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate an investigational, fully liquid hexavalent diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-inactivated poliovirus-hepatitis B-Haemophilus influenzae type b (DTaP-IPV-Hep B-PRP-T: Hexaxim™) vaccine for primary and booster vaccination of healthy children in Mexico. METHODS Infants (N=1189) were randomized to receive one of three lots of the(More)
OBJECTIVE This trial assessed the safety of a fully liquid investigational hexavalent DTaP-IPV-Hep B-PRP-T vaccine containing 10 μg Hansenula polymorpha-derived recombinant hepatitis B (hep B) antigen for primary vaccination of infants at 2, 4 and 6 months of age compared with licensed comparators. METHODS Participants received the DTaP-IPV-Hep B-PRP-T(More)
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