Mercedes M. Fernández

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Many bark beetles live in a symbiosis with ophiostomatoid fungi but very little is known regarding these fungi in Spain. In this study, we considered the fungi associated with nine bark beetle species and one weevil infesting two native tree species (Pinus sylvestris and Pinus nigra) and one non-native (Pinus radiata) in Cantabria (Northern Spain). This(More)
Capacitive energy extraction based on double layer expansion (CDLE) is the name of a new method devised for extracting energy from the exchange of fresh and salty water in porous electrodes. It is based on the change of the capacitance of electrical double layers (EDLs) at the electrode/solution interface when the concentration of the bulk electrolyte(More)
The pine shoot beetle, Tomicus piniperda, is a potential vector of the pitch canker disease pathogen. The insect could transmit the pathogenic fungus during its maturation or regeneration feeding on the shoots of healthy pine crowns. Fusarium circinatum, the causal agent of pitch canker disease, currently affects Pinus radiata in northern Spain, causing(More)
In this work, we consider the extent to which the presence of multivalent ions in solution modifies the equilibrium and dynamics of the energy production in a capacitive cell built with ion-exchange membranes in contact with high surface area electrodes. The cell potential in open circuit (OCV) is controlled by the difference between both membrane(More)
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