Mercedes Lopez

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This paper describes the integration of the Alice 3D virtual worlds environment into a diverse set of subjects in middle school, including the development of tutorials, example worlds and lesson plans. In the summer of 2008 our experiences with middle school teachers included three-weeks of training in Alice and guidance in the development of lesson plans.(More)
The parasite fauna (protozoa, helminths and insects) of the two most widespread Murinae rodents in El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain), the black rat (Rattus rattus) and the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) was studied. Faunistic, ecological, ecotoxicological data, as well as information on the biology of some nematode parasites of R. rattus are(More)
High hydrostatic pressure (HHP) is a novel food processing technology that is considered as an attractive alternative to conventional heat treatments for the preservation of foods, due to its lethal effects on pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms, while causing minor effects on food quality and sensorial attributes. This study is aimed at investigating(More)
In the Canary Islands two invasive rat species, Rattus rattus and Rattus norvegicus are present, but little is known about the origin and colonization. To this end, a molecular study was performed on R. rattus from the Archipelago and from the nearest continents. Partial cytochrome b gene sequencing offered very low levels of haplotype and nucleotide(More)
The flightless Entiminae weevil genus Laparocerus is the species-richest genus, with 237 species and subspecies, inhabiting Macaronesia (Madeira archipelago, Selvagens, Canary Islands) and the continental 'Macaronesian enclave' in Morocco (one single polytypic species). This is the second contribution to gain insight of the genus and assist in its(More)
This paper is part of a research study, the objective of which is to investigate the meaning of confidence intervals for first year students in the Statistics course in the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Within the framework of Godino's theory (1999), by means of students' dialogues in front of the computer, we try to surmise the presence of the diverse(More)
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