Mercedes Gutiérrez

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the possible therapeutic effects of interferon alpha-2b left in the peritoneum after surgery, followed by or not followed by treatment with GnRH analogs. DESIGN A prospective, randomized clinical trial. SETTING University hospital. PATIENT(S) Fifty-two infertile patients with moderate or severe endometriosis. INTERVENTION(S)(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between aromatase expression in endometriotic tissues and clinical and laboratory findings. DESIGN Prospective basic and clinical research. SETTING University hospital. PATIENT(S) Sixty-two women with endometriosis, and 12 without endometriosis. INTERVENTION(S) Conservative surgery, or hysterectomy and(More)
BACKGROUND A correct preanalytical phase procedure is critical to get an adequate sample and consequently to achieve the most reliable laboratory results, promoting patient safety. Continuous laboratory staff changes create the need to establish improvement strategies to reduce the error risk. The objective was to show how the numbers of preanalytical(More)
Faunal evolution over the last 65 million years of earth's history was dominated by mammalian radiations, but much of this era is poorly represented in Africa. Mammals first appeared early in the Mesozoic, living alongside dinosaurs for millions of years, but it was not until the extinction of dinosaurs 65 myr ago that the first major explosion of mammalian(More)
INTRODUCTION Our routine laboratory critical value notification procedure is based on a short list of six fundamental critical values. The report system for our Stat laboratory is not based on this 'short list'; instead, critical values are always reported according to the patient clinical context and the previous laboratory results. The aim of our work is(More)
We performed a double-blind, randomised controlled trial to evaluate the results of ultrasound-guided aspiration of endometriomas under the effect of GnRH analogues and a possible additional beneficial effect by leaving 600000 IU of recombinant interleukin-2 (rIL-2) in the cysts. Twenty-four women with endometriosis-related symptoms, increased values of(More)
BACKGROUND The eradication of errors regarding patients' identification is one of the main goals for safety improvement. As clinical laboratory intervenes in 70% of clinical decisions, laboratory safety is crucial in patient safety. We studied the number of Laboratory Information System (LIS) demographic data errors registered in our laboratory during one(More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory performance can be measured using a set of model key performance indicators (KPIs). The design and implementation of KPIs are important issues. KPI results from 7 years are reported and their implementation, monitoring, objectives, interventions, result reporting and delivery are analyzed. METHODS The KPIs of the entire laboratory(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study are to introduce the "alert value reporting" concept in primary care setting, to propose a list of chemistry and hematology alert limit tests that can be chosen for that strategy, to show how this notification procedure can be designed and established, and finally to evaluate the effectiveness and physicians'(More)