Mercedes Gracenea

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The tegument of Postorchigenes gymnesicus has been studied by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The general body tegument is spinous and contains mitochondria, biconcave disc-shaped vesicles bounded by an unitary membrane and displaying a protein content, and scarce spherical bodies. The tegument covering specialized body regions is aspinous.(More)
Experimental adults and natural metacercariae of Brachylaima sp. (Digenea: Brachylaimidae) were processed for transmission and scanning electron microscopy, for tetramethyl rhodamine isothiocyanate phalloidin fluorescence, conventional and confocal microscopy and for monoclonal anti-actin antibody immunoelectron microscopy, to describe the ultrastructural(More)
Studies about parasitization by Cryptosporidium in great apes have been scarce and mostly conducted in captivity. The present study reports the presence of Cryptosporidium sp. in wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) from Ugalla, western Tanzania. Ugalla is one of the driest, most open, and seasonal habitats inhabited by chimpanzees. Cryptosporidium sp. was(More)
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