Mercedes Gamboni

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Testicular dysgenesis derives from abnormal gonadal development caused by chromosome aberrations/mosaicisms or mutations/deletions in SRY or other genes responsible for testicular differentiation. Dysgenetic male pseudohaermaphroditism has bilateral dysgenetic testes characterized by a cortical network of anastomosing seminiferous cords that penetrate a(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to establish the value of different markers in differentiating reactive mesothelial cells from metastatic adenocarcinomatous cells in serous effusions (SE). METHODS Forty-five SE were processed for morphological examination (Papanicolaou stain), assessment of ploidy, AgNOR counting and immunocytochemical assay of(More)
Prognostic markers in pediatric adrenal cortical tumors are difficult to define. We determined the ploidy, immunostaining of p53-protein and number of nucleolar organizer regions (AgNORs) in 16 such tumors and related them to clinical outcome, tumor weight (TW) and histologic Weiss' criteria. Eleven females and 5 males aged 0.4 to 15.6 years were followed(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the presence of angiostatin in ascitic and pleural effusions from cancer patients, as well as of metalloproteinases (MMPs) and urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA), both involved in angiostatin generation in in vitro models. Ascitic fluids, pleural exudates, and sera from 21 cancer patients were analyzed for the(More)
In ENU induced rat glioma model, the location of tumor is unpredictable and serial observation of neoplastic changes in a single lesion is not possible. We induced neoplastic transformation of cultured type-I astrocyte (AS-l) by exposure to ENU and observed the morphological changes of them. Since the importance of p53 alteration is stressed in human glial(More)
It has been shown that infection with high-risk human papillomaviruses (HR-HPV) is related to the development of cervical cancer. The persistence of the virus in intra-epithelial lesions of cervix uteri (SILs) is the basis for the application of HPV testing for screening and management of patients. Most infections by HR-HPVs resolve spontaneously, however,(More)
Follicular dendritic-cell tumors (FDCT) are rare neoplasms, well-characterized in surgical pathology material. There are, however, few cytopathology reports. We describe the fine-needle aspiration (FNA) findings of a histologically confirmed FDCT. Conventional smears and a cell block showed large spindle to oval neoplastic cells admixed with small mature(More)
The aim was to evaluate the usefulness of lymph node biopsies obtained by fine needle aspiration (FNA) for immunophenotyping of non Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Seventeen superficial and deep lymph node samples were fractioned for conventional cytological examination and immunophenotyping studies. Out of ten NHL, nine were readily detected by flow cytometry(More)