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The antiemetic effect of graded, single high-dose intravenous dexamethasone was studied in 27 patients receiving combination chemotherapy with either doxorubicin (50 mg/m2) or cis-platinum (100 mg/m2). A total of 57 cycles were individually evaluated, utilizing a detailed rating system. Nausea and vomiting did not occur in 20 of 57 cycles; in 17, the(More)
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma has a well-defined geographic distribution, primarily affecting persons from southern China and Southeast Asia. Environmental factors are numerous and appear to have a secondary role, mainly in the promotion of the neoplastic process. Relationship with the Epstein-Barr virus is indicated by the identification of viral genome copies(More)
OBJECTIVES to assess the incidence and risk factors for insulin resistance (IR) in a cohort of naive HIV-infected patients 48 weeks after starting highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). DESIGN prospective, two centre, observational, cohort study. METHODS One-hundred and thirty-seven patients who started HAART and maintained the same regimen for(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the usefulness of routine radiologic control after the insertion of a central venous catheter as a tool that might modify treatment of patients. METHODS A prospective study was made of 149 patients submitted to central venous catheter insertion. RESULTS In 55% of the patients the roentgenogram showed an adequate placement of the(More)
Peripheral blood lymphocytes from a scleroderma patient (CDC) were isolated, transformed with Epstein-Barr virus and fused to the heteromyeloma SHM-D33. Supernatants from cultures were screened for autoantibody production against nucleoprotamine by ELISA. Positive wells were cloned by limiting dilution. After cloning, supernatants from two wells were(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the associations of HLA class II antigens with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in a Spanish population. METHODS We used DNA oligotyping to determine DR types, DQA1 and DQB1 alleles, and DR4 variants in 70 unrelated seropositive RA patients and 189 healthy controls living in Spain. RESULTS A significantly higher frequency of DR4 was seen(More)
The authors describe a healthy young male smoker with familial history of recurrent thromboembolism who presented with severe, rapidly progressive lower limb ischemia and abnormal results from liver function tests. An arteriogram of the lower extremities showed bilateral infrainguinal atherosclerotic arterial occlusions. The laboratory findings, in addition(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The measurement of breathing pattern in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by electrical impedance tomography (EIT) requires the use of a mathematical calibration model incorporating not only anthropometric characteristics (previously evaluated in healthy individuals) but probably functional alterations(More)