Mercedes Fernandez

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This study examined the relationship between the degree of balance in bilinguals (i.e., degree to which an individual shows equivalence in their level of mastery of two languages) and performance on executive function tests. Twenty-four "more balanced" and 16 "less balanced" Spanish-English bilingual, third- and fourth-grade children completed the Wechsler(More)
This study investigates bilingual performance on the English and Spanish Boston Naming Tests (BNTs) while controlling for object familiarity and U.S. acculturation. Previous studies suggest that bilingualism negatively affects naming skill; however, object familiarity, which may be culturally influenced, and U.S. acculturation level have not been formally(More)
Bahrick and Pickens (1995) proposed a four-phase model of infant attention, suggesting that recent memories are expressed as a visual preference for novelty, intermediate memories as a null preference, and remote memories as a preference for familiarity. The present study tested a hypothesis generated from this model that a retrieval cue would increase(More)
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