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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Because skin cancer affects millions of people worldwide, computational methods for the segmentation of pigmented skin lesions in images have been developed in order to assist dermatologists in their diagnosis. This paper aims to present a review of the current methods, and outline a comparative analysis with regards to several of(More)
In recent years, the incidence of skin cancer cases has risen, worldwide, mainly due to the prolonged exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Concurrently, the computer-assisted medical diagnosis of skin cancer has undergone major advances, through an improvement in the instrument and detection technology, and the development of algorithms to process the(More)
Mercedes E. Filho, Stephanie Renard, Paulo Garcia, Gilles Duvert, Gaspard Duchene, Eric Thiebaut, John Young, Olivier Absil, Jean-Phillipe Berger, Thomas Beckert, Sebastian Hoenig, Dieter Schertl, Gerd Weigelt, Leonardo Testi, Eric Tatuli, Virginie Borkowski, Michaël de Becker, Jean Surdej, Bernard Aringer, Joseph Hron, Thomas Lebzelter, Andrea Chiavassa,(More)
We have analyzed new, archival and published high resolution radio and X-ray observations of a sample of composite LINER/H ii galaxies known to exhibit AGN-like properties. Five of the 16 AGN candidates have milliarcsecond-scale detections and are found to display a compact, flat spectrum, high brightness temperature radio core, four of which also exhibit(More)
Arcsec-resolution VLA observations – newly obtained as well as published – of 40 nearby galaxies are discussed, completing a study of the radio properties of a magnitude-limited sample of nearby galaxies of the composite LINER/H ii type. Our results reveal an overall detection rate of at least 25% AGN candidates among these composite sources. The general(More)
We present H i spectral line and radio–continuum VLA data of the galaxy NGC765, complemented by optical and Chandra X-ray maps. NGC765 has the largest H i-tooptical ratio known to date of any spiral galaxy and one of the largest known H i discs in absolute size with a diameter of 240 kpc measured at a surface density of 2× 10 atoms cm −2. We derive a total(More)
A sample of 37 nearby galaxies displaying composite LINER/H II and pure H II spectra was observed with the VLA in an investigation of the nature of their weak radio emission. The resulting radio contour maps overlaid on optical galaxy images are presented here, together with an extensive literature list and discussion of the individual galaxies. Radio(More)
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