Mercedes Camps

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Corals are mixotrophs: they are able to fix inorganic carbon through the activity of their symbiotic dinoflagellates and to gain nitrogen from predation on plankton and uptake of dissolved organic and inorganic nutrients. They also live in close association with diverse diazotrophic communities, inhabiting their skeleton, tissue and mucus layer, which are(More)
The differences in radiocaesium uptake between species were analysed in a series of solution culture and pot trials. Since radiocaesium uptake is very sensitive to the solution potassium (K) concentration, it was hypothesised that species depleting K in the rhizosphere to a larger extent, will have a higher radiocaesium uptake. Five species (bean, lettuce,(More)
A mixture of pure and anhydrous glycol methacrylate and methyl methacrylate is used as an embedding medium for iliac bone biopsies. Infiltration is carried out at -20 C with the embedding medium and a cold inactivated catalyst-initiator system. Raising the temperature to 4 C initiates polymerization and limits the peak temperature of polymerization to 25 C.(More)
Citation: Berthelot H, Bonnet S, Camps M, Grosso O and Moutin T (2015) Assessment of the dinitrogen released as ammonium and dissolved organic nitrogen by unicellular and filamentous marine diazotrophic cyanobacteria grown in culture. Front. Mar. Sci. 2:80. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2015.00080 Assessment of the dinitrogen released as ammonium and dissolved organic(More)
This paper shows the results of an investigation carried out to assess the application of different fuels produced by blending diesel fuel with methyl ester obtained from mixture of 75% (v/v) sunflower oil and 25% (v/v) used cooking oil on a Kubota agricultural indirect injection diesel engine, natural aspirated, and with a rated horsepower of 19.7 kW.(More)
Pure glycol methacrylate (GMA) is an excellent embedding medium which allows High Performance Optical Microscopic studies. However presence of methacrylic acid (MA) small amounts (usually 1 to 3%) leads to intense background staining of the section. A simple and reliable chemical purification procedure is exposed which leads to an extra-pure GMA free of MA(More)
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