Mercedes Camprubí

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Although obesity is a well-established cardiovascular risk factor, some controversy has arisen with regard to its effect on hospital mortality in patients admitted for acute coronary syndrome. Methods. Clinical and anthropometric variables were analyzed in patients consecutively admitted for acute coronary syndrome to a university hospital between 2009 and(More)
Most exercise testing is performed in adults with known or suspected ischemic heart disease. In the last few years cardiac imaging techniques have been applied in this field, improving the information obtained with the procedure. However, the exceptions to this rule are emerging rapidly not only in healthy people (asymptomatic individuals, athletes,(More)
Cholesterol pericarditis, first described in 1919 by Alexander and characterized by the presence of abundant microscopic cholesterol crystals in the pericardial fluid, is an uncommon disease, with fewer than 100 cases so far reported. While 49% are idiopathic, the remainder are associated with hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis and, very(More)
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