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Two ruthenium(III) complexes bearing the thiazole ligand, namely, thiazolium (bisthiazole) tetrachlororuthenate (I, TzICR) and thiazolium (thiazole, DMSO) tetrachlororuthenate (II, TzNAMI) were(More)
Keppler-type ruthenium(III) complexes exhibit promising antitumor properties. We report here a study of 2-aminothiazolium[trans-tetrachlorobis(2-aminothiazole)ruthenate(III)], both in the solid state(More)
A novel "Keppler type" ruthenium(III) compound trans-[bis(2-amino 5-methylthiazole)tetrachlororuthenate(III)] 1, of potential interest as an anticancer agent, was designed, synthesized, and(More)