Mercedes Blázquez

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The Royal Institute Elcano † (Real Instituto Elcano) in Spain is a prestigious independent political institute whose mission is to comment on the political situation in the world focusing on its relation to Spain. As part of its dissemination strategy it operates a public website. The online content can be accessed by navigating through categories or by a(More)
Online cultural archives represent vast amounts of interesting and useful information. During the last decades huge amounts of literature works have been scanned to provide better access to Humanities researchers and teachers. Was the problem 20 years ago one of scarceness of information (precious originals only to consult in major libraries), today's(More)
Androgens play key roles in vertebrate sex differentiation, gonadal maturation and reproductive behaviour and their actions are generally mediated through specific nuclear receptors. The present study describes the isolation, sequencing and characterization of the cDNA encoding the androgen receptor (AR) in the European sea bass. AR was cloned from a sea(More)
The teleost brain is characterized by exceptionally high levels of aromatase, the enzyme that converts androgens into estrogens, and by its continuous growth throughout life. Gonadal estrogens have been implicated in sex differentiation and the control of reproduction in adult fish, but the role of neural estrogens during early development is far from(More)
Today, we can observe a number of emerging trends in technologies for intelligent knowledge access, including search engines, categorisation tools and visualisation systems. This paper gives a brief overview of them, describes ongoing efforts to develop Semantic Web-based knowledge access tools and discusses how a semantic web-based approach can provide a(More)
This paper shows the ontology development for the second version of the prototype Iuriservice II, an i-FAQ for judicial use containing a repository of professional judicial knowledge. We define the epistemological and ontological levels as separate issues. The domain and middle-out ontology will be connected to the SEKT top and upper level ontology PROTON.(More)
Current mobile primary data acquisition systems can be grouped in three main categories: terrestrial, manned airborne and satellite borne. This paper discusses whether Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) together with the appropriate sensing and navigation-orientation payloads can constitute a new, fourth data acquisition paradigm of the high-resolution and(More)
Purpose – In this paper we describe the process of developing and implementing a knowledge management system for the Spanish judicial domain. Spanish judges, especially newly-recruited ones, hold a solid background of theoretical legal knowledge, but are much less familiar with the judicial knowledge of the more senior judges acquired from everyday practice(More)