Merav Goldblatt

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Four hundred and ninety-nine cases of osteo-articular tuberculosis have been analysed with special emphasis on the "unusual" presentation. Sclerotic bone reaction in association with active tuberculous osteitis is not at all uncommon and may occur in any affected bone. Maintenance of disc spaces with tuberculous spondylitis is not uncommon. Periosteal(More)
The significant mortality and morbidity of hepatic artery aneurysms indicate the need for new approaches to therapy. Seven cases of intrahepatic aneurysms diagnosed by percutaneous arteriography over a 7-yr period are discussed. Three patients were treated surgically and 4 by percutaneous embolization. The latter method appears to enjoy certain advantages(More)
In most of the world’s societies and cultures, the biological mother and father bear primary responsibility to care for their child’s needs and to guide him or her through the process of entry into society [1]. The parent serves, for the most part, as the significant figure with the greatest amount of influence over the child’s life. Through his parent, the(More)
1. Mitochondria from four different animal and five different plant sources exhibit a wide variation in their capacity to maintain respiratory control at 25 degrees C. 2. Beef heart mitochondria, and pear and avocado fruit mitochondria exhibit the longest retention of respiratory control extending to periods of approximately 80 and 40 hr, respectively.
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