Meraj Ali Khan

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*Correspondence: Department of Mathematics, University of Tabuk, Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abstract In the present paper, we are concerned with second-order duality for nondifferentiable minimax fractional programming under the second-order generalized convexity type assumptions. The weak, strong and converse duality theorems are(More)
The study was conducted to compare and study the feasibility and effect on nutritional properties of fermented soybean during storage at ambient and refrigeration conditions for which the soybeans were fermented through naturally fermenting strains. This study is an attempt to determine the chemical proximate analysis of hawaijar and the nutritional changes(More)
A polyaniline-based composite cation-exchange material was synthesized by way of sol-gel method and studied to explore its analytical and environmental applications. It was characterized by using instrumental analyses [Fourier transform infrared (spectrometer), X-ray, thermogravimetric analysis/differential thermal analysis, standard electron microscopy,(More)
In the present paper, we study slant submanifolds of a Lorentzian para (LP)-Sasakian manifold. We consider as a totally umbilical proper slant submanifold of an LP-Sasakian manifold and show that every totally umbilical proper slant submanifold of an LP-Sasakian manifold is either totally geodesic or if it is not totally geodesic in , then we derive a(More)
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