Merçè Leonhardt

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BACKGROUND Neonatal brain injuries are the main cause of visual deficit produced by damage to posterior visual pathways. While there are several studies of visual function in low-risk preterm infants or older children with brain injuries, research in children of early age is lacking. AIM To assess several aspects of visual function in preterm infants with(More)
The current understanding of what infants see varies greatly among healthcare and education specialists. Even among ophthalmologists and pediatric neurologists in charge of clinical examinations of infants, opinions vary on what infants perceive, recognize, and use for communication and learning. It is, therefore, of interest to review publications from(More)
We are reporting on a dorsolateral access left to the bursa omentalis and to the left subphrenium carried out in order to relieve infectious processes in this region. The access has proved a success above all in the later postoperative period, e.g. when the protecting conglutinations towards ventral isolate the process from the abdominal cavity. At the(More)
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