Meongchul Song

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Computing constrained shortest paths is fundamental to some important network functions such as QoS routing, MPLS path selection, ATM circuit routing, and traffic engineering. The problem is to find the cheapest path that satisfies certain constraints. In particular, finding the cheapest delay-constrained path is critical for real-time data flows such as(More)
Abstract We propose six new heuristics to find a source-to-destination path that satisfies two or more additive constraints on edge weights. Five of these heuristics become ǫ-approximation algorithms when their parameters are appropriately set. The performance of our new heuristics is compared experimentally with that of two recently proposed heuristics for(More)
As software systems become larger and more complex, automated software engineering tools play a crucial role for effective software development management, which is a key factor to lead quality software systems. In this work, we present TRICA, an open source-based software development infrastructure. The name of TRICA represents its features such as(More)
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