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Morphologic growth of cholinergic bronchial respiratory system was examined at live and dead newborns. Tracheal smooth musculature was examined at 18 experimental preparations taken by the autopsy after exiting from different factors. Samples were divided into three groups based on gestational weeks. First group: from 23-29 gestational weeks (immature,(More)
The development of neuron cells in vagal nerve nuclei in medulla oblongata was studied in vitro in live newborns and stillborns from different cases. Morphological changes were studied in respiratory nuclei of dorsal motor centre (DMNV) and nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) in medulla oblongata. The material from medulla oblongata was fixated in 10 micro(More)
Actions of acetylcholine (ACh), histamines, serotonins (5-HT) and prostaglandins (PGF2-alfa) in concentrations of 10(-4), 10(-3), 10(-2) and 10(-1) mol/dm(3) were analyzed in vitro conditions in isolated specimens of tracheas of 24 pigs, 7 guinea pigs, and dead persons for different reasons (8), in the presence and without presence of propranolol. Whilst,(More)
In this paper we have examined the receptor bronchial system in newly born children with desquamative and with preserved epithelium of aerial pathways. The response was followed in: acetylcholine, dopamine, histamine and scrotonin in various concentrations (10(-4), 10(-3), 10(-2), 10(-1)). The tonus of the tracheal smooth muscle was examined in 29 tracheal(More)
The role of meconium in the respiratory system was studied in newborns, who died from various causes (250 up to 3000 g of weight). We monitored tracheal rings response to dopamine, serotonin and ethanol in different concentrations (dopamine: 0,05 mg/ml, 0,5 mg/ml, 5 mg/ml; serotonin (5-HT): 10-4, 10-3, 10-2, 10-1 mol/dm3; ethanol: 0,02 ml, 0,5 ml, 1,0 ml;(More)
In this paper we present the flow research of the development of receptor bronchial system in the first month of extra-uterine life up to the sixth month of development, performed by tracking the reactions of isolated tracheal rings in acetylcholine (Ach), propranolol (P), histamine (Hist), and prostaglandin (PGF2-alfa) in concentrations of: 10-4, 10-3,(More)
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