Mentari Djatmiko

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The increasing availability and use of genome data for applications like personalized medicine have created opportunities for the improved diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. However, it has a potential to be used for discrimination, thereby presenting a set of serious challenges in privacy and security. We propose a secure evaluation(More)
Network outages are an important issue for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and, more generally, online service providers, as they can result in major financial losses and negatively impact relationships with their customers. Troubleshooting network outages is a complex and time-consuming process. Network administrators are overwhelmed with large volumes(More)
—We propose a novel trust and probabilistic node selection mechanism for content distribution in mobile ad hoc networks, which aims to achieve trustworthy node selection and to preserve mobile node resources. The proposed mechanism is evaluated against selected alternative trust schemes, with the results showing that our proposal achieves its goals.
The increased processing power and storage capacity of in-home and mobile computing devices has motivated their inclusion in distributed and cloud computing systems. The resulting diverse environment creates a strong requirement for secure computations, which can be realised by Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). However, MPC most commonly assumes that(More)
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