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Evaluation of the intracranial circulation provides valuable information in the diagnosis and prognosis of various intracranial abnormalities and may influence patient management. Technical advances in magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) have improved the accuracy of this technique in various clinical situations, such as aneurysms, arterial and venous(More)
Malnutrition results in poor growth and is associated with resistance to growth hormone (GH) action. The mechanisms involved in the GH resistance depend on the severity and the timing of the nutritional insult. Stringent dietary restrictions such as fasting may produce GH resistance by reducing the number of GH receptors. Less severe nutritional deprivation(More)
We have investigated whether the low serum levels of somatomedin-C (SM-C) observed in protein malnutrition could be related to changes in liver growth hormone and prolactin binding. Growing female rats were fasted for 3 days and subsequently refed for 14 days with isocaloric diets containing 5% (low) or 25% (normal) protein. Control rats were fed a normal(More)
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