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This paper clarifies the relation between synchronization and graph topology. Applying the Connection Graph Stability method developed by Belykh et al. [2004a] to the study of synchronization in networks of coupled oscillators, we show which graph properties matter for synchronization. In particular, while we explicitly link the stability of synchronization(More)
We consider control of the q profile while simultaneously regulating the plasma stored energy for the DIII-D tokamak. The main objective is to improve the shot-to-shot reproducibility and facilitate the accessibility of operating conditions that have steady-state potential, i.e. plasmas with large non-inductive current drive fractions. At DIII-D,(More)
Pattern formation is often observed in two-dimensional turbulence because here vortices tend to merge rather than to break up and decay like they do in three dimensions (like cigarette smoke does). With an experimental setup in mind, theoretical and numerical research has been done on the possibility of controlling this sort ofpattern formation with(More)
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