Menno Lauret

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BACKGROUND Potent allergens such as hymenoptera venoms are capable of inducing severe and life threatening clinical reactions. Percentage of false negative results obtained by the usual diagnostical methods is comprised between 10 and 25%. OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the sensitivity and the specificity of cellular tests and particularly evaluation of a new(More)
This paper clarifies the relation between synchronization and graph topology. Applying the Connection Graph Stability method developed by Belykh et al. [2004a] to the study of synchronization in networks of coupled oscillators, we show which graph properties matter for synchronization. In particular, while we explicitly link the stability of synchronization(More)
The technique of Flow Cytometry for activation of basophils (TAB), expressed as the marker CD63, is at present one of the pathways of research applied to drug allergy. In this work are reported the results of TAB of Pneumoallergens and Hymenoptera venoms. TAB can define better than total IgE the atopy of the subject: in effect the fluorescence of the(More)
This work is a study of the frequency of the association between sensitivity to pork meat and cat epithelia. Comparison with a reference population that was not sensitized to pork meat, shows that this association is highly significant. This suggests therefore the possibility of a crossed allergenicity. If there is a real crossed allergenicity between pork(More)
Diagnosis of allergy to hymenoptera venom must be precise and depends on indisputable bio-clinical criteria, because of specific immunotherapy for indications such as systemic and/or anaphylactic reactions. Until nowadays, diagnosis was by specific IgE, histamine release and skin tests, most often done for the venoms of wasp, honey bee and hornet at the(More)
The basophil activation test (TAB) clearly shows evidence to Hymenoptera venoms. Comparison of the TAB value with the clinical history allows fixation of a threshold that will anticipate the type of clinical reaction by the TAB value. For the technique of TAB 3 dilutions are used. The basophil activation values produce a threshold for each dilution. For the(More)
The recent contributions to the mechanisms of regulation of IgE by cytokines has produced development of kits that are usable in IFN gamma in atopic dermatitis where we have fixed a significant basal level in contrast to a reference group, though there is no possibility of making a modification in asthma. However, this seems to us to be logical since this(More)
The authors describe for the first time the Wasp/Mosquito syndrome. The allergenic cross-reactivity between Vespula wasp venom and mosquito extract and the reverse rest objectively on several criteria. The frequency of the association between sensibilization to Vespula wasp venom and mosquito: In 10 subjects who had specific IgE to Vespula wasp venom 3 also(More)