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Recent years have witnessed a rise in Game Jams - organized events to create playable prototypes in a very short time frame. Game Jams offer a unique and quick way to prototype games. Beyond that, we believe Game Jams can also be seen as a design research method, situated in the research-through-design tradition, to create knowledge in a fast-paced,(More)
   (More)
Game Jams - energized, fast-paced get-togethers of developers and artists to make digital games - have recently emerged as a way to generate and inspire novel game ideas and new ways of thinking. We intend to introduce the CHI community to this collaborative, fast-paced method of design by holding a game jam with an emphasis on developing novel user inputs(More)
The study used a research-through-design approach and organized game jams as a method to examine game design processes, with the aim to investigate how the diverse identities of designers affect and inspire their game designs. During the <i>Game [4Diversity] Jam</i>s we hypothesised that homogeneity in groups may lead to a single-minded message in their(More)
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