Mennatallah M. Sadek

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Steganography is the art and science of secret communication, concealing the very existence of a communication. Modern cover types can take many forms such as text documents, audio tracks, digital images, and video streams. Extensive research has been done on image steganography in the previous decade due to their popularity on the internet. Nowadays, video(More)
Human skin regions have recently drawn attention in the literature of data hiding due to its promising robustness characteristics. In this paper, we propose a blind adaptive data hiding algorithm for video files where human skin regions are regarded as the Regions Of Interest (ROI) hosting the embedding process. A skin map is created for each frame using an(More)
Recently, information hiding in human skin regions has improved robustness of image steganography and yield better imperceptibility. In this paper, we present a skin-tone block-map algorithm for hiding data in colored images. A skin-tone map is generated from the host image using a skin-tone detection algorithm that is based on the pixel color information.(More)
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